Information for citizens – the data subjects whose data are processed by the Ministry

The data subject ( a natural person to whom personal data relates), according to the provisions of the Law on the protection of personal data ( Official Gazette of B&H, No 49/06) has the right to file a complaint for starting procedure to protect his right to privacy when he/she finds out or suspects that his/her personal data have been processed unlawfully or that there is a direct threat for violation of right. The complaint is submitted to the protocol in the Personal Data Protection Agency in Bosnia and Herzegovina office, sent by mail, fax or e-mail (; the complaint may be stated orally through the minutes in the Agency. The complaint shall contain: name and surname of the complainant, name of the controller or the data processor, short explanation of the complaint, evidence (if he/she has any) and handwritten signature of the complainant. The complainant may request from the Agency: to make controller or data processor restrain from processing of personal data and correct factual situation caused by the processing; to make the controller or the data processor to correct or amend personal data to be authentic and accurate; to block and destroy the personal data.